‘working to promote and protect the Exmoor Pony’   


About Conservation Grazing

What is it?

Managing interesting landscapes in a low intensive way to encourage the wildlife and plants that these areas support. Sites need grazing to remove the scrub and rough grasses.

Why Exmoor Ponies?

Exmoor ponies are brilliant at conservation grazing. Very hardy, with an ability to thrive in all sorts of habitats from high moorland to bogs. They are selective grazers with great teeth, and whilst they like the sweet young grass, they will also tackle gorse, purple moor grass, soft rush, brambles and thistles with gusto; whilst trampling bracken and opening up the sward with their small sharp feet.

They are not afraid of dogs and are loved and visited by the public on the sites they graze. The Moorland Mousie Trust matches the sites, and the needs of that site with the ponies available.

Young semi handled ponies graze larger areas with public access, these ponies don't bother people but move quietly away. They can be moved with ease, but we like sites to have a solid, easily accessible handling pen; and every site must have good fencing and clean water.

We use tamer ponies on smaller sites with limited access and no pen. These ponies need to be moved regularly and have to be led in and out. Often these areas have no public access, as tame ponies' natural curiosity means that they tend to approach visitors in anticipation of interaction and titbits.

Ponies available

The Moorland Mousie Trust always has ponies available for suitable grazing homes/sites, and works closely with private landowners and environmental bodies to this end.